John "Jack" Kroll is a proud Denver native and University of Colorado alumnus and is hoping to serve the university as a Regent in Congressional District 1. The University of Colorado Denver awarded Jack his bachelor’s degrees in economics and English in 2011. While at CU-Denver, Jack served as Student Body President and then as Chair of the Inter-Campus Student Forum—a position that allowed him to represent all 55,000 students in the University of Colorado System to the University’s Board of Regents.

Professionally, Jack works for the University of Colorado Boulder as an Assistant Director of Admissions. This role places Jack on the frontline of the fight for access and affordability to higher education. It is his job, everyday, to help students realize their dream of a college education. 

The brother and son of veterans, Jack is especially passionate about helping men and women transition out of the military and into college. Jack founded CU Boulder Military Student Day, which allows veterans and their family members to explore the educational opportunities available at CU Boulder.

For the past year Jack has served as the University of Colorado Denver Alumni Association's President. In his time with the Alumni Association Jack has helped the board to raise over $300,000 in scholarship funds.

Jack is active in the Democratic party of Denver having served as Precinct Committee Person in House Districts 8 and 5. Currently, Jack also serves as the Treasurer of the Denver Young Democrats. 

Jack is engaged to Vanessa Roman from Pueblo, CO. Vanessa also works at CU-Boulder and serves on both the University of Colorado Boulder Alumni Board of Directors and the CU-Boulder Latino Alumni Association. Like Jack, she strives to extend opportunities for higher education to all students.

Jack is an avid fan of all Colorado sports teams, but is exceptionally passionate about the Colorado Rockies and CU Buff basketball. He also enjoys reading, yoga and backpacking.